The Dog Essential Pack

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The Dog Essential Pack  

M&J's Top Rated Dog Grooming Products

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This gift set features M&J’s all natural holistic dog grooming products!  Act fast, this 5-star rated dog gift pack won’t be available for long!

Why Your Dog Will Love It:

  • Naturally promotes healthy skin and coat

  • Relieves hot spots and dry, itchy skin

  • Gentle, effective and specially PH-balanced for dogs.

  • No synthetic fragrances, sulfates or parabens used. 

  • Bottles made from post-consumer recycled material.
  • 5 Star Reviews
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Nutrient Fusion

Moisturizes and protects dry dog skin while soothing aromatherapy and flower essences calm bath-time anxiety  

Nutrient Fusion is the first step to a soft coat and healthy skin! Chock-full of soothing vitamins and essential fatty acids, this fast absorbing conditioning treatment helps to break loose dirt and debris to make shampooing easier and more effective. 

Usage: On a dry coat before bath time, massage a generous amount onto dog’s skin and through the coat. Leave for 5-20 minutes. Follow with Purely Clean Shampoo & Conditioner. 

10oz Bottle


Purely Clean

Leaves your dog looking and smelling clean, naturally!  PH-balanced specifically for dogs, free of harsh sulfates and parabens.

Low-sudsing and sulfate-free, our dog shampoo & conditioner will thoroughly wash away dirt and debris without stripping the natural oils from the dogs skin and coat.  This natural based shampoo is PH-balanced to leave your dog smelling fresh with a softer, more manageable coat. 

Usage: Massage product into dog’s wet skin and hair for 3-5 minutes, avoiding ears and eyes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat for especially dirty dogs. 

10oz Bottle


Show Dog Shine

A miracle product!  Use as a rinse out detangler, or apply between baths to eliminate dog odor and add shine and softness to leave your pup show-dog ready.  

This leave-in conditioner for dogs absorbs fast and provides your dog with natural protection against the elements while reducing dog dandruff.  Apply to your dog’s coat frequently to eliminate dog odor and increase luster.  


Leave-In: Massage evenly across the coat

For longer coat types: Distribute a generous amount of product through the coat when wet then rinse!

6.7oz Bottle


essential pack

Posted by chrisman on August 17, 2011

I purchased your essential pack at a dog show 2 months ago and absolutely love it! All the products smell really good - more clean than perfumey like most products. I have a Kerry Blue Terrier and a Minature Schnauzer and love using the products on both dogs.

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